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Maria has been a professional nomad since she was a little girl! Graduated in Audiovisual Communication from the Universidad Europea de Madrid, she has lived in Spain, Australia, the United States and England. He is currently spending some time in Wales and his great passion is traveling and discovering new cultures..


Tatiana, graduated in gastronomy from the Alain Ducasse Formation, went to study in Spain in search of professional improvement and fell in love with the country. She lives in Barcelona, works with big names in confectionery and loves discovering the charms of the city that welcomed her. Here she shares with us several cool tips, especially when it comes to gastronomy!


Bianca is a publicist, works at BBDO and lives in NY. Whenever she manages to escape to travel and is in constant  movimento, always looking for references and news!


Paula has a degree in architecture but in design she found herself. He lives in Ann Arbor in the United States and does not intend to stop traveling until he turns 100.


For Dani to get lost in a place she has never visited makes a lot of history. He has always sought to create connections with people and places in his travels around the world. Among his favorite places are: Bagan, Luang Prabang, Fernando de Noronha, Moreré, Tokyo, Lisbon, Berlin and Paros. Her instagram is full of cool travel photos: @daniszwarc


Bia is a fashion designer and jeweler by profession and currently lives in Mumbai where she is studying gemology. She lives in the neighborhood of Bandra West, which used to be considered a suburb and is currently considered one of the most modern and cool, where people from different backgrounds and beliefs mingle in the midst of cafes, shops and delis. From time to time she sends Travel Hunter several cool and cool tips from India and surroundings!


Thaís is an administrator and stylist, and she really likes to draw.
He lived in Amsterdam for 6 years where he studied fashion and took the opportunity to get to know the corners of Europe. Now he ventures to New York. Whenever you find something cool, send it here for us to check it out.


Maria Tereza   traveled to all possible and imaginable places,   moving from rustic to refinement. With an incredible cultural background, she is a true "globetrotter", she is always looking for new experiences and frequently sends us tips on cool places and outside the common tourist route.


Camila lives in London, studied Textile Design at Central Saint Martins and today has a stake in the Babajaan brand where she works. He is always traveling for leisure and work. Looking for news and references for Babajaan makes her discover enough new things to be able to share hot tips with Travel Hunter!


Carla was born in Italy and moved to Spain as a teenager, later living in London and France. She currently works in public relations and her work allows her to travel throughout Europe, allowing her to come into contact with different cultures. Carla shares her best tips here at Travel Hunter! 


Graduated in pedagogy and works as a teacher of early childhood education. Before starting college, he lived in the United States for a while. 
One of her biggest passions is traveling and being able to photograph the different beauties of the world! His interest in photography and travel began in 2008, when he lived in Holland. The following year he spent 3 months studying in Firenze. Since he started organizing his life to travel, he hasn't stopped. She became vegan due to her love for animals, so whenever she travels, she puts a tip on places she finds that offer these food options. Here she shares with Travel Hunter her best tips and clicks around the world!


André likes to explore the unknown and has been creating itineraries in places outside the common tourist spots. Having a great Norwegian friend and partner, he created a special connection with Scandinavia, and developed an incredible package for Svalbard, which is almost the North Pole! He shares extraordinary itineraries with Travel Hunter, with lots of nature and incredible experiences!


Daughter of a Brazilian father and French mother, Martha was born in Brazil and has family in various parts of the world, such as Argentina, Spain, France, London and others. That's why, since she was a little girl, she used to travel around the world with her family! He lived in different cities like London, Paris (where he graduated in art history), Belo Horizonte, São Paulo and today he lives in Barra Grande, Bahia! Here she shares with us her best experiences and precious tips!


The couple Florinda and Pedro, traveled for 1 year and passed through 37 countries and 120 cities! Around here, they share with us some of the incredible stories they lived through in this fantastic life experience! 


Publicist Bianca Novaes lives in London for London. she travels a lot
around Europe and always shares the best tips with us!


Nicole is the type who loves traveling alone and meeting people along the way.  She considers herself a low-cost traveler, after all, the less she can spend the more she can travel. A hostel with 15 beds in one room and street food are never lacking in your itinerary. She loves big, chaotic cities that remind her of São Paulo, such as Mexico City, Bangkok and Manila. And he also loves an adventure and never leaves out of itineraries that include visits to volcanoes, diving with sharks, exotic beaches and much more. She shares with Travel Hunter the best tips from her journeys around the world, and we share these experiences in the itineraries we make for you! 


Fernanda Savoia has lived in Florence since 1997, where she studied theater and worked for many years in a tourist agency. Today he organizes tours, gastronomic experiences and weddings throughout Italy. In addition to having the pleasure of being our collaborator, sending us cool tips from all over the region, we also count on her to book tours for Travel Hunter clients! 


Carioca, he lived in São Paulo and graduated in Business Administration with an MBA in Project Management. Loves to travel and experience new things. He loves visiting restaurants and cafes! He has already visited 30 countries and still wants to travel even more! He fell in love with Germany and decided it would be his new home. Today, he lives in the city of Nuremberg and seeks to live a new life experience.  Currently studying German, preparing for a Masters and working at German Routes, a tour company in Germany and Austria. He set up the company to inspire people to travel to Germany and live unforgettable experiences!

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